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Edge of Dusk

We are an indie game development company focused on story and art, driven by siblings Annemieke and Robert.

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This is us

Hello, my name is Robert. I am the developer on the team. My dream used to be to become a movie director. However, after attending film school for 1 year, I transitioned to software development. I still love movies though. Some of my favorites include Spirited Away and Juno.

I live together with my girlfriend, our dog (Australian Shepherd) and our two cats. We bought a fixer-upper house, which we are renovating with the help of our family.

I have always loved games that combine a deep story with intricate gameplay. Examples include Beyond Good and Evil and Red Dead Redemption. Especially the latter one had a big emotional impact one me.

You can check out my LinkedIn profile.

Check out my art at bluefernarts.com

We are working on ...

We are currently working on Strom Peregrine, a story-driven 2D puzzle adventure game with platforming elements.

In the game, you play as Svamp, a baby fungus spore who gets carried away by wind to the top of a tree called Strom. Not knowing who or even what you are, you set out on a journey to discover your identity. You do so by visiting the different habitats that Strom is home to.

Join our team

We are currently looking for freelancers with the following profiles:

An animator who can turn our static artwork into smooth, whimpsical animations.

Do you match one of the profiles above, and would you love to join our team? Please send an email to info@edgeofdusk.com with your portfolio and your rate and we will contact you shortly.

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